*2019 GIVE AWAY*


That’s right! It’s GIVE AWAY time! Holiday season is over, but who doesn’t love getting some more gifts? Well, I’ve got a few gifts left to give!

I’m giving away a

*COMPLIMENTARY* Engagement Shoot !



So maybe you’re thinking YES! That’s amazing! How do we sign up!! OR, maybe you’re thinking, ah, I’m not sure I can convince my significant other to get on board with being in front of the camera on any day but our wedding day. I totally hear ya. In fact, I’m extremely camera shy so I understand that opting in for Engagement Photos might not be your thing however, there are some really big benefits to just going for it. 

Having an opportunity to hang out together before your wedding day, and not just hang out but actually take photos, will give us a chance to get even more comfortable together before your wedding day. You’ll get to see first hand that it’s not scary at all and I’m about as easy going as they come. So, when your big day approaches, it’ll be one less thing to worry about. In fact, many of my couples have said that sneaking off to take photos with me on their wedding day was actually one of the few calm moments of the day (hey hey!). And what’s more, you’ll get photos of the two of you not in your wedding day attire, so you can use them for Save the Dates, Holiday Cards, Family Gifts, Thank You Cards, and it’s always nice to have some beautiful photos around your house that feel like the “everyday” you.




So, are you in? Reach out to me by January 31st to book Julep & Belle for your wedding and the engagement shoot will be at no cost!

Let’s make some magic happen and I promise you’ll be thrilled with what you get!


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