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I love a Sunday kind of love. One that's easy-going and light-hearted. I love warm cups of Earl Grey tea, being outdoors, and animals, especially my dog Julep. I grew up around the farms of Kentucky and spent my Summers writing stories. For a long time, I thought I'd grow up to become a writer but after getting my first camera in high school I fell in love with telling stories in a whole new visual way.

Just one year ago, I married my own Sunday love. The most loving, handsome and patient man. I can spend 30 full days straight with him (we did this once on a cross country road trip) and still wake up the happiest to see him every morning.

I split my time between New York City and Los Angeles, probably because I can't live without the sunshine and mountains but also because I cannot give up the bagels. In fact, I'm split between most everything in my life, which I attribute to being a Gemini. I'm full of Southern hospitality but also have a bit of Southern sass. One day I'm eating salads only and the next day it's pizza. I like to see this as a healthy balance which I bring to every wedding I capture. I know how to have fun and also how to keep things moving professionally and smoothly.

Love to me is finding someone who wants your brief life experience on this planet to be as wonderful as you want theirs to be. And I want to help you preserve that love in time.  Photographs are everything. They are the tangible takeaways from the biggest moments in our lives. They are the time capsules our children and their children will have to look back on. I photograph to freeze a moment, a feeling, in time so as to never forget it, and this is what I have in the back of my head when I'm working.

I'm drawn to people who are sincere and fun-loving. I'm so glad you found me and I can't wait to hear from you.

–Michelle McSwain


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